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Av. J.B. Clement 92100

Program: Commercial, activity and residential building
Area: 670 m2

The 164.00 m² land is located in an urban zone with a traditional urban tissue, on a commercial avenue in a residential area. The new urban code for land occupation (POS) offers the possibility for the renewal of the edifications. The outline and the restrictions for the building, in accordance to the regulations were the guidelines for the project. Maintaining the existing court-side building, the street side building would be demolished to create a five-level building (R+3+combles) with a façade continuous with the existing ones.

The street-side building’s façade comprises:
A lower volume at ground level that ensures the commercial continuity of the avenue. At this level the walls are covered with light stone framing the entrance and the store window. A second volume that consists of a constructed front aligned with the street facades and comprises three levels of commercial, activity and residential uses. A regular pattern of tall windows alternated by sliding wood shutters composes this façade.

The whole is crowned by an attic (comble) reserved for the last level of housing. It is constituted by a zinc roof with openings and dormer windows in accordance with regulations.

On the inner facades towards the courtyard, different level terraces are created for the benefit of the apartments.

The building has a commercial area on the ground floor and basement, united by a grand staircase on the front side that lets in light and view from the shop window. On the court-side of the ground floor and first floor are areas for professional activity. The second and third floors have apartments including a triplex with its living and dining area on the attic level.