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Marina Mar

Program: 300 apartments, pool area, garden and marina
Area: 35000 m2

The last seafront land of the east side of this peninsula of the Morro Tourist complex has almost one kilometer seafront. A long strip of flat land between the sea and the tall cliff provide the perfect location for the five buildings that house 300 apartments. The first four buildings arranged in pairs create large double height pergola areas between them, which serve as a transition between the access and parking side and the garden, pool, promenade and marina side.

The building’s terraced skylines step from eight to ten, to twelve stories with duplex pent houses and large terraces. The fifth and last building of this coastline is an eighteen-floor tower with large apartments of three to six bedrooms. This residential complex has extensive recreation areas with landscape design all along the seafront, with long walkways, a large variety of tropical plants, three pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, three marinas, ending with an Amazon palms construction for a club house.